The Property Manager

Sue Midson is strongly dedicated to each and every one of her clients, and offers a very personalised service. Sue is one of a kind in her field of work, being with the company for 30 years. Her reputation is second to none. The majority of her clients have come through recommendations from current clients, or even previous tenants who have experienced her thoroughness first hand. Sue ensures that landlords have total peace of mind with quickly leased properties and quality tenants, quarterly inspections, all maintenance organised and rent reviews regularly. By choosing Sue Midson as your Property Manager you know that your property is in good hands.

In Sue’s opinion one of the big questions in a landlord’s mind is, “will I get good tenants?” A good tenant being someone who not only pays the rent on time but who takes good care of the property. In todays market there are any number of good tenants and, without being niave, landlords usually get the tenants they deserve. Or to put it differently, the landlord’s attitude towards tenants will greatly influence the tenant’s attitude to the landlord and their property. More and more tenants are looking for the stability that comes from longer and stable leases and an amicable relationship with a professional agent representing the landlord.

In the mind of the good tenant, fairness is of the utmost importance. The landlord who demonstrates fairness will generate the goodwill that translates into dollars in the landlord’s pocket and peace of mind. Our experience tells us that in this industry there is very little that is not negotiable. A little care and a big dose of mutual understanding can mean we all win. When choosing an agent to manage an investment, along with the important question, “how much will it cost me?” the landlord should ask questions like, “how will my tenants be chosen?” and “how will my clients be treated?” Happy tenants are good tenants and good tenants usually mean happy landlords.

If you would like to speak to Sue Midson please call her on 0407 393 797. Sue would be happy to have a friendly chat with you!